End of the Hiatus, Here It Goes Again

Life in Germany

Oh hai, internet! I’ve meaning to write this for a while now. It’s been two months, 18 days, to be more precise… or is it? Okay, whatever, it’s been a long, long time since I posted on the blog, to be honest. That’s no more!

Introducing… die Normalentagen!

The Past

Much has happened in between, but I will spare you from the boring parts. The most recent, most exciting thing that happened is that I am now living in Germany with my wonderful, talented, amazing girlfriend and partner in crime adventures Fernanda.

We moved at the end of July to Berlin and stayed there for a couple of months while she was studying German. At the end of September, we moved again, and now we are in Detmold, a cute little town in the Nordrhein-Westfalia state.

The Present

As of now, Fernanda is attending to her master’s course in Computational Design at the TH-OWL, and I am currently applying for a new job in the industry as a UI/UX Designer.

There are a lot of exciting companies hiring on career websites like LinkedIn, XING, StepStone, Adzuna, Experteer, among others. Last week, for example, I was in Düsseldorf for a job interview at a company headquarters. It was great and all to meet some of the team.

I felt I’d done an excellent job presenting myself, talking about my previous experiences at Wine.com.br, Pixter, my design thought and process, and all these things you want to say to show you’re the ideal candidate.

The thing is I didn’t make it this time, unfortunately. The feedback I received briefly noted my subpar workshop experience and lacking English skills. That’s true, I guess. These are things I will work on for my future applications.

My beloved Fernanda is going to help me with some English practicing in the evenings, and I am continually improving my CV and Portfolio to stand out from the competition and feel more confident during the interviews.

Tomorrow a technician from O2 is finally coming to install the internet in our apartment. Hopefully, it’s going to work buttery smooth because I’ve been connecting to a nearby T-Mobile hotspot, and it’s far from stable, to say the least.

The Future

Piece by piece, our dachgeschoss apartment is getting more comfy and complete. We’ve already got some kitchenware from IKEA, a vacuum cleaner to keep the carpet clean, a smart LED lightbulb from LIFX to help us wake up in the morning, but we still need new furniture. Bed and mattress, working table, TV set, chairs, stool, sideboard, wardrobe, bathroom cabinet, mirror, additional light fixtures… and a lot more *sigh*. Lucky for us, we got awesome friends, one of which kindly lent us a larger air mattress to sleep.

Meanwhile, Autumn’s in full swing here in Detmold, and I can’t wait for what’s coming in the next weeks! That includes this blog as well which will as of right now be the permanent home for my personal ramblings, thoughts, half-assed sketches, project documentation efforts, a dump of obscure internet findings like quotes, tweets, articles, books, pictures, videos, songs, screenshots, websites, and other fresh initiatives I turn on to along the way.

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