The Stupidest Person in the Room

From all the time that I spend consuming weird videos about vintage videogames, cooking, and programming, I am currently, particularly obsessed with Wintergatan’s channel on YouTube. In the Wintergatan Wednesdays’ series, Martin Molin shares his building process for the upcoming Marble Machine X, a musical instrument designed to produce tight music. “Being the stupidest…

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1. January 2020 | by

The Instagrammeuphoria

From this Vox article: Instagram has a way of flattening lived experiences so that my best years look exactly like my bad ones, and that everything seems pretty good, all the time, for everyone. This, obviously, is not how life works for most people, and ever since Instagram has existed experts have debated what seeing…

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2. December 2019 | by

Found This Gang of LEGO Minifigures in Cologne

Last week I went to a LEGO Store for the first time in Cologne, Germany, and they are amazing! They have these kiosks on each corner of the store with thousands of little pieces that you can use to create your own Minifigure set. These are the three which Fernanda and I made. How cool are…

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22. November 2019 | by

End of the Hiatus, Here It Goes Again

Oh hai, internet! I’ve meaning to write this for a while now. It’s been two months, 18 days, to be more precise… or is it? Okay, whatever, it’s been a long, long time since I posted on the blog, to be honest. That’s no more! Introducing… die Normalentagen!

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16. October 2019 | by

10 Books to Read in 2017 and Beyond

April has come to an end, the temperatures are getting cooler and the year is already full on with things to do, see and learn but it’s also a good reminder that I still have many books to read. Earlier this year I’d planned, among other things, to read about ten books, that’s one every five weeks. Having read just…

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2. May 2017 | by

Brainstorm Exercise, Drawing Inside Circles

Coming with a good idea is hard. Coming with several, perhaps dozens, of ideas sounds harder still, but one of the takeaways from this Ideation course I’m enrolled to is that you’ve to let go of judgment and just jot them down, and to sketch away any ideas that comes into your mind. Admittedly, I’ve spent…

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27. October 2016 | by

Email Background Images with CSS: Unveiling the Myth

There’s a deeply rooted misunderstanding among e-mail marketing folks that background images don’t work in e-mails and, therefore, can’t be used to illustrate or beautiful creations. In fact, if we inspect today’s available HTML and CSS attributes in major e-mail clients and providers, we’d think we’ve taken a lift with Marty McFly and brought back to the…

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15. December 2015 | by