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Realising rewind is not ossible

Year: 2019

  • The Instagrammeuphoria

    The Instagrammeuphoria

    From this Vox article: Instagram has a way of flattening lived experiences so that my best years look exactly like my bad ones, and that everything seems pretty good, all the time, for everyone. This, obviously, is not how life works for most people, and ever since Instagram has existed experts have debated what seeing an infinite […]

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  • Found This Gang of Lego Minifigures in Cologne

    Found This Gang of Lego Minifigures in Cologne

    Last week I went to a LEGO Store for the first time in Cologne, Germany, and they are amazing! They have these kiosks on each corner of the store with thousands of little pieces that you can use to create your own Minifigure set. These are the three minifigs Fernanda and I made: How cool are […]

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  • Animating a UI with Origami Studio

    To kick things off in my new creative process series, I decided to revisit an old project I did back in 2017 and make a small animation using the Origami Studio app. This app allows the creation of highly interactive prototypes using a visual programming language. The prototypes can also be recorded, which is useful to […]

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  • End of hiatus

    End of hiatus

    I’ve meaning to write this for a while now. 2 months, 18 days to be more precise. It’s been a long, long time since I posted on the blog, to be honest.

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