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Realising rewind is not ossible

Year: 2020

  • MiniTimer: a minimal macOS app for setting timers

    MiniTimer: a minimal macOS app for setting timers

    This past weekend I saw a tweet by Daniel Eden in which he created a very simple timer app using SwiftUI and Combine frameworks. I decided to make one for myself because I thought it would be really useful at work and also because it was a very practical way to learn some Swift programming. As I was at […]

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  • The Stupidest Person in the Room

    From all the time that I spend consuming weird videos about vintage videogames, cooking, and programming, I am currently, particularly obsessed with Wintergatan’s channel on YouTube. In the Wintergatan Wednesdays’ series, Martin Molin shares his building process for the upcoming Marble Machine X, a musical instrument designed to produce tight music. “Being the stupidest person […]

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