Composite of three course pages each width different illustrations

I was commissioned by Doctum to redesign its Moodle-powered Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) which was set to open their first on-line course within a couple of weeks.

The goal was to create a clean, content-focused layout with as few distractions as possible but with some character still. The result was the Disciplina theme for Moodle which was designed and developed in just a month.

The first and most important decision was to remove the right sidebar. This allowed the content to span more columns and to really stand out.

Colors were chosen based on the institution’s dark blue-tinted palette.

Adding to the scheme of visual changes, each course has a unique splash image and the course listing on the home page was updated to a grid with cards and pictures for each course.

Aside from the visual design and CSS tinkering, there was some heavy PHP digging to understand how to override some code pieces.

One special feature of this theme is the special box displayed in the summary section for every course. In these boxes the name, picture and resume of the course’s teachers, revisers and tutors is shown for the students.

Another change was the activity icons which were updated to match the new, more subdued style.

Doctum’s VLE website can be visited though registering is required to get access to courses.