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Realising rewind is not ossible

Beyond Tellerrand Day 1

I know it’s a bit late in the night and I should’ve been sleeping but I really wanted to write some words about the first day of the Beyond Tellerrand conference in Düsseldorf.

The quality and diversity of talks and presentations is excellent. But of course what makes the event really shine are the people.

I met some interesting folks from Slovenia and the UK. We chatted over some beers, discussed about the preservation of the web, the role of communities and the infinite depth of online fanfic communities.

Before that, on Sunday, I met some other people at the Wacom Experience Center. There was this super trippy room with a TV and neon lights in which I met this guy from Viena and we chatted about creativity.

Trippy room at the Wacom Experience Center. A TV shows an astronaut floating in a sea of star and galaxies with bright colours on a loop. On the ceiling, rings of neon lights in different colours.
Wacom’s trippy room

I learned that some of these people also attended the IndieWebCamp which’s this kind of self-organised, user-generated event that aims to help people to publish their on websites outside of corporate walled-gardens like Twitter, Google and Facebook.

Honestly I couldn’t feel more inspired! That’s the kind of stuff that can make me go on for hours on end.