About Me

I am Saulo Pratti, a designer and information architect with a keen on coding and technology.

I’m currently residing in Detmold, Germany but, originally, I come from the lovely city of Vitória, Brazil, where I studied Industrial Design at the Espirito Santo Federal University and worked for five years at Wine.com.br before I moved to São Paulo to work on many more projects.

I focus on the user experience design of digital products and how design and technology combined can be used to improve the way we learn things.

You can read a bit more about me on my Curriculum Vita.

I Am All Over:


I’m curious creature who likes to disassemble stuff, eventually breaking them, yes, but hey, at least I have a lot of fun in the process!


I believe that design can be a method for solving problems, a tool for shaping artifacts that bring joy or a force for change in the world, for us to make it better than we found it, and also to change ourselves, our culture.

Life Goals

I want to become an exceptional designer and use the experience and knowledge I have gathered over the years to design products and services that enrich people’s lives whilst making information more open, accessible and democratic.

Fun Stuff

When I am not working on app design, or learning new stuff in code, I am probably reading, playing an instrument, taking pictures, exploring the outdoors or perhaps even cooking.

By the way, I’m doing some cool things right now.

An 8-bit male zen figure sitting on a cloud doing a lotus pose