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Realising rewind is not ossible


One of my first assignments was preparing a visual refresh for the Pixelboxx DAM application, which featured heavy visuals and a somewhat messy color hierarchy.

Before and after Pixelboxx DAM design refresh.

Next, I started working on a proper redesign of the application, which included a modern codebase.

Created mockups for new and improved product features.

Customized a CSS framework used by the frontend team for scaffolding new projects.

Collaborated with developers and QA engineers for validating feature releases.

Researched and coded a user customisable grid layout functionality based on AngularJS.

Wrote a tool using TypeScript and P5.js for generating perceptually uniform color palettes.

Design System

Established and owned a growing collection of UI components in our shared design library.


Collaborated with product owners and specialists to create a next-generation product enable companies to collect, transform, merge and output data between different applications in the asset management lifecycle.


  • Prototyped a Figma plugin which imported sample assets from our DAM library.
  • Drew simple illustrations for empty states and internal tools.
  • Refined the shape and typography of the product logo.
  • Coded a Figma plugin which automated the process of generating an icon library.