Storyboard for the Economaze project

Storyboarding Design Ideas


In today’s post I’ll share the result of the second assignment for the HCI specialization course I’m enrolled with this trimester.

From the assignment instructions:

A storyboard presents a scenario that takes a hypothetical user from setting (a problem, need, or desire embedded in a specific situation) to satisfaction (an outcome achieved through a design that addresses the problem/need/desire). Storyboards show what a design enables the user to accomplish without specifying a particular user interface. A good storyboard begins by introducing the problem: what does the user seek to do? The subsequent panels walk through what the user does. It introduces how the user begins using the system, any exploration that they do, and how the design helps the user accomplish their goal.

For these storyboards I’ve drawn inspiration from an interview with my colleague Paula Maria and other community needs I’ve been observing for some time.