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Storyboarding Design Ideas

In today’s post I’ll share the result of the second assignment for the HCI specialization course I’m enrolled with this trimester.

From the assignment instructions:

A storyboard presents a scenario that takes a hypothetical user from setting (a problem, need, or desire embedded in a specific situation) to satisfaction (an outcome achieved through a design that addresses the problem/need/desire). Storyboards show what a design enables the user to accomplish without specifying a particular user interface. A good storyboard begins by introducing the problem: what does the user seek to do? The subsequent panels walk through what the user does. It introduces how the user begins using the system, any exploration that they do, and how the design helps the user accomplish their goal.

For these storyboards I’ve drawn inspiration from an interview with my colleague Paula Maria and other community needs I’ve been observing for some time.

Light Deliveries

The first design, Light Deliveries is about an app to facilitate the hauling of small to medium cargo. Increasingly people in Brazil are losing jobs with plenty of vacant small trucks to be used. A person will be able to input the cargo information, origin and destination. Afterwards, drivers would accept or decline the offer.

As a variation of this idea, an elderly lady using the same app could buy cat food from a local pet shop and an available driver would deliver the goods to her place.


The second idea’s an effort to help people getting around with public transportation. A person can check in to a desired bus route and see all of the information about its trajectory, e.g. landmarks, street names, neighborhoods, street-level imagery, alerts, maps, etc.

In the second example, two friends use the app to meet on the same bus, bringing more safety to their trip.

This system could be specially useful for tourists, sporadic commuters and people with visual impairment.

Shower Center

Finally, based on some evidence found in the answers from the interview, I introduce a shower center, or shower facility, so bike commuters have a place to freshen up and clean before and after work. This is particularly welcome because the majority of company offices in Brazil don’t offer suitable facilities of this kind for their employees.

The same can be used after work or at any time, really.