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From screen pixels to ink on paper

Cover of the iOS App Icon Book. The cover features a white background with a big silver reflective rounded square shape on the center

This beauty arrived in the mail just the other day. ✨

The iOS App Icon Book is a project created by Michael Flarup that celebrates the art and craft of app icon design.

The project was funded by a successful Kickstart campaign that raised over 135.000 € by 1.450 backers.

An aside, this is actually the second Kickstarter campaign that I’ve backed, the first one being the Pebble 2 smartwatch back in 2016.

The book is great, colours are vibrant and the printing quality absolutely superb. Containing over 150 pages and hundreds of icons, I hope this book’s gonna provide a ton of inspiration for me.

Detail of a page of the iOS App Icon Book. A grid of icons can be seen. On the center the Chegou app icon is visible. This icon shows the classic Brazilian Correios in blue and yellow and crossed by a messenger's bag blue strap.
Chegou app icon by Marcel Muller

One thing that I couldn’t not notice though is that there aren’t many icons by Brazilian or Brazil-based designers in the book.

One that I could find is the gorgeous Chegou app icon by Marcel Muller. The icon is super recognisable and clean, it depicts the classic Correios uniform in blue and yellow.

So in order to remedy this I will create my own collection of iOS app icons by fellow Brazilians and display it on this very website in the coming weeks!